March 13, 2012
more CXCW goodness!!!

joey and kelley kneiser from the great GLOSSARY playing “cheap wooden cross” off of their latest album, Long Live All Of Us -  Glossary has been one of my favorite bands for a couple of years now.  you can check them out on their website here OR you can go snag ALL of their fantastic albums here at their newly minted bandcamp site for $5 each including the tremendous The Better Angels Of Our Nature which happens to forego the $5 price and is free!!!

the criminally underrated kent eugene goolsby of the equally (obviously) underrated THE ONLY SONS playing the title track from their forthcoming album, When The New Wears Off -  The Only Sons are a band that I came to through Glossary and who I have enjoyed ever since - especially their album Steel Hearts available here also for free!!

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