April 1, 2013

Hey! my new band Sarolea has a new single called “Gentleman” — stream it right here then maybe go buy it at http://saroleanyc.bandcamp.com OR get it for free by sharing your email address with us at https://noisetrade.com/saroleanyc/gentleman-single to hear about upcoming shows/release/merch.  

Unleash your inner La’s fan…

March 12, 2012
using my words… also - do yourself a favor and listen to MRS MAGICIAN. (click through the picture to see the article)
edit: please dont be fooled - cults f***ing sucks.

using my words… also - do yourself a favor and listen to MRS MAGICIAN. (click through the picture to see the article)

edit: please dont be fooled - cults f***ing sucks.

February 27, 2012

new “what im listening to” album covers on the front page of my blog - COMPLETE with links to purchase your very own copies from amazon. (or get off your ass and hit up an indie record store if you’re so inclined - may i recommend scottis? or other music? or tunes?)


January 18, 2012

currently downloading a massive zip file of some room recordings from last nights “new band” practice.  billy was sick (aka no bas son these tracks), so it was just me steve and mitch and we played one song for 3 hours - it is very red house paintersy. super 90s.  it gets loud. but super pensive.  loving it.  cant wait to hear the recordings so we cna start piecing this motha together and write some more.  we’re gonna be huge in 94.

November 28, 2011
bandcamp facebook tumblrthis EP is awesome. do it. 

bandcamp facebook tumblr

this EP is awesome. do it. 

November 8, 2011
new record

this past sunday i FINALLY finished the guitars/bass for the new record.  so now all thats left is vocals, a touch of hammond, some lap steel, a little banjo (from mr pete), a little violin, and then its time for evan to come in and glaze the whole thing with tambourines, and shakers, and handclaps OH MY.

this record has been on my mind since way back when i was working on the let me run record in late 2009 afterwhich i met with an engineer in hoboken and booked time to do a record with my then sideband the turnpike sailors - then i started rehearsing with mr pete and steve to do the record bluegarssy style with the plan to record it at steve’s - then we all got distracted with work and then steve moved and so did pete… and so did i.  then i finally approached kyle about doing it a little over a year ago with the plan to still do it stripped down (JTE style) and have evan play drums on 3 songs… then in april evan sounded so good that i did a 4th song… then i got ben to play on a few songs, then i got even to do 3 more songs.  now i have a fully fleshed out rock and roll record that sounds more like old 97’s “too far to care” than it does whichever quiet americana record i was dreaming about at the onset…

i’m excited! its visceral now. i can hear the songs.  they have their identities at this point.  its unmixed, its missing some key melodies (as most things without vocals do) but the tunes are there.  and they’re way different than when i play alone.  and its amazing. 

i have a request in to kyle for some tracking bounces of what we wrapped up on sunday and when i get those, maybe i’ll post a snippet on the website (www.danmaxwellmusic.com) - we will see.

its gonna be a party. i cant wait. also, for the time being my first 2 solo EPs are available for FREE on http://danmaxwell.bandcamp.com!!!! do it up!!!


September 26, 2011

also, some new albums are on my front page.  enjoy. 

July 31, 2011

listening to some rough mixes of the paltry progress on this record ive been making.  all but two songs have all of the core tracking done.  really proud of it already.  @kylecadena is really doing a great job.  so have ben lindeman and evan taylor on the drums.  so excited.  

July 12, 2011


Music Video of the Day: The Prisoner-themed duo Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling — named after the show’s thirteenth episode — only play songs inspired by Patrick McGoohan’s criminally short-lived cult TV show.

Their video for “Episode 1 - Arrival” is a shot-for-shot remake of The Prisoner’s opening sequence, and is one of 17 planned videos — one for each of the show’s episodes.

Hope to be seeing much more of them in the future. (ucwidt?)

Below: Picture-in-picture comparison of the music video and the original opening sequence —


obviously my new favorite band. 

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May 2, 2011


dawes if i wanted someone

 so pumped for this album. 6/7 people.  take head.  album of the year.  i’m calling it.

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