November 26, 2011


Old 97s- Won’t Be Home

Saw these guys last Friday, they put on a hell of a show.

i was born in the back seat of a mustang on a cold night in a hard rain…

November 10, 2010
"When I first met Doreen she was barely seventeen. She was drinking whiskey sours in the bar. The way she tossed ‘em back I would’ve had a heart attack - but as it is I let her drive my car. We galloped through the boroughs like a pair of horny thoroughbreds, until I said, “Stop the car, Doreen.” Well you can roll your eyes and nod but I swear that I saw God in the moonlight on a side street in the wreckage we call Queens. Doreen, Doreen, last night I had an awful dream. You were laying in the arms of a man I’d never seen. Come clean Doreen. Come clean Doreen."

- Old 97s “Doreen”

This song has been stuck in my head all week. I could do a good deal worse.

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